Updated: Dec 12, 2021

A musician who has huge dreams and doesn't stop till they come true. This artist can throw you a track of your desire, he can do rock, rap & hip hop, even world. The skies are wide open for this musician.


Musician Nature Da Realist is a dreamer, fighter, and knows what he wants. This singer has a passion for music and his ability to create any style of music is beyond remarkable. He is able to adapt to different styles that fans want. The greatest part of him is he has the gift to make each song come from his heart.

There are many amazing things to say about Nature Da Realist but one thing stands out about him. He is very humble and very down-to-earth when he talks to you. He has always been so very sweet and respectful to me. Nature will support other musicians and will put others' dreams before his. I find this quality to be a true artist and this is why I am so excited to introduce to you all the one and only Nature Da Realist.

Let me introduce you to the song that got me hooked, I have listened to a lot of his music and he can do anything. Here is one of his songs "Paradise"

As you all can hear he has that voice that stands out and you want to learn more about him. Here is one more song by Nature Da Realist that had me at WOW, here is his song "JU5T L13 B4CK"

Here is just a couple of his songs that got me by surprise. He has a unique voice and to have that attitude of I can do anything is admirable. I am truly honored to know Nature Da Realist and I thank him for believing in the music.

Like I have said before there are many things about Nature that I would love to share with you all but not enough time. I would love to share one more thing that is very special.

When times are tough and we feel lost, we can always turn to music and find that one song that can relate to what we feel. During difficult times, music has always found its way into our homes. One of the things I have learned from Nature is if you want to write or you want to do music then do it.

You will have haters and you will have lovers, haters will make you work harder and the lovers will bring peace. We couldn't have one without the other. I have learned to respect both love and hate because they pave the path to the best of me. This means to keep moving forward, if you fall get back up and keep going. Dreams do come true if you keep moving and fighting for them.

This is what Nature Da Realist has taught me and if you would like to say hello to him then do so. You can follow Nature on LinkedIn or his SoundCloud

Follow Nature Da Realist at the following:


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