" Love Your Life Away" Mercury and The Architects

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

"self-respect, self-love, inspiration, and to never be afraid to be the creative you, is what this band is about. Be Free, come be an Architect and share the light and love.


New Music Everyone! Come take a listen to Mercury and The Architects.

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Want to hear music that defies gravity of creativity? Well, Mercury and the Architects go far and beyond with their creativity. Each lyric, each beat they continue to blow our minds with their sound. These artists turn words into art through music and they do it like no other.

I have been getting to know this band, their love, respect, and the light they shine are inspirational. You see in their eyes, and in their sound how much they love what they do. Mercury and the Architects are so much more than music. They go as far as listening and hearing their fans. making them feel, well no, the fans know they are part of a family.

I can't say enough about Mercury and the Architects, you will just have to come to find out for yourself how truly amazing these musicians are.

The main thing the band wants to convey is to be you, keep your mind open for creative freedom. The biggest passion of this band is teaching self-respect, self-love, inspiration, and not to be afraid to be the creative you. Be Free, come be an Architect and share the light and love.


Want to know more about Mercury and the Architects? Well, here is their music. Be prepared though, Prepared to have your mind blown away!

Always remember Respect, Love, Freedom, and Light.

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