Daniel Waste

Spread your wings so you can fly in the clouds and set your mind free, his voice will never let you fall.

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Powerful words flowing with this voice so sweet and sincere. Daniel Waste can take you to another place where you feel you are number one. Chatting with the singer I discovered he is down to earth and inspirational. What I really admire is his support for other independent artists. Daniel isn't just another singer, he has this ability to bring words alive to put your mind in a positive place.

Daniel sent me a link to a song he performed with another amazing singer named AC. These two came together to bring you a song with words that makes you think. When I first heard the song, I was amazed at how deep the song went. I would love to introduce you to the song "Lessons Learned" performed by Daniel Waste and AC.

I will warn you this song is powerful.

After hearing "Lessons Learned" I had to hear more of what Daniel Waste could do. Well just say I got a lot more than I bargained for; I was not expecting to hear music that was out of mind beautiful. Daniel has this gift with his voice that makes you feel as if he is singing to you. His voice is like opening up your wings for the first time to truly feel that breath of fresh air.

I would love to share more of his music with you all, you will then hear and feel what all he has to offer. Chatting with Daniel has been a true honor, the respect I have received and the support he shares is breath taking. Thank you Daniel Waste for sharing your gift and as well as being supportive of other artists.

Everyone, enjoy these remarkable songs and thank you for your support.

Remember to love, respect, and support one another.

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