Daniel Dischino

Poet, Musician, and Philosopher with a passion that takes you away to a new place where positivity surrounds you.


Author Biography

Daniel Dischino is a poet, musician, and a philosopher that is from Boston, Massachusetts. Dischino is a professional manager alongside being a loving husband and father. He is currently seeking a publisher for his first poetry book that he hopes to have out soon. Daniel’s poetry reflects on his forty years of writing based on observation and reflection. He has been published in multiple Red Hibiscus poetry anthologies. Daniel is even working with an author by the name of LeAnn Roberts on a chapter opening poems and will be featured on singer Rachel Walker’s latest album as a lyricist. Daniel has even another talent and that is being the drummer for the amazing Boston based band called “Terminal 51”. On top of this he did a video interview on the New Age Life podcast with the host Garima Nabh. Even after all this, Daniel Dischino just sees himself as a common man who is in an uncommon world. You can read samples of his work on his social media sites at LinkedIn and Allpoetry.


You can listen to "An Interview with Daniel Dischino" here on YouTube


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Kelonie Utley's Moment with Daniel Dischino

I have gotten the chance to get to know the poet, musician, and philosopher Daniel Dischino. He is truly a remarkable gentleman who has so many talents and he doesn't even brag about them. Very down to earth and humble. I have learned while getting to know Daniel, he is a devoted family man who has this positive light that surrounds him. Anyone who gets to know Daniel Dischino you will be amazed at the love and respect he shares. I am honored to have the talented artist Daniel Dischino apart of the Porcelain Writers & Musicians family.

Thank you for bringing positivity, love, inspiration, and respect to the world.

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