A musician from the UK with a mission. Never know what this singer will bring to the music world next. Got to keep an eye on this one.


I would love to introduce you all to the singer Cecil. She is from the beautiful UK and she sings with a mission. Her voice can do anything with a unique tone. I was introduced to Cecil's music during a class at Berklee College of Music where I had to create my own touring abroad schedule. I was looking for unique rising stars in the UK and here comes a face with power. To my surprise this face of power belonged to Cecil.

I decided to do more research into Cecil and that is when I saw the music video that hooked me. Her song "Ceasefire" started playing, I was and still am amazed by this song. Her emotions, her body language, and singing with a mission. This song changed many lives and continues to do so. If you would like to learn more about the Ceasefire Project please click on the picture below that will take you to musicnews.com

Cecil continues to do amazing music and the wonderful part, you have no clue what she will bring out next. Each song the singer does, she changes it up to keep you drawn in. All her music is out of this world.

The greatest thing about Cecil just isn't her voice but her sweetness. She is so appreciative of her fans and those her support her. Cecil is truly remarkable and just as sweet as she can be. The little things make her happy. If you would like to learn more about Cecil just click on the CECIL picture at the top of the blog.


Special thank you to Cecil for her music that she shares with all of us. You are making a difference in everyone's lives.

My heart, my love goes out to all the victims of gun and knife violence.

Special Note: Remember to live each day to the fullest and cherish each moment. You can't get those moments back to live again but to only remember them. Each day, tell your friends and family how much you love them. Tomorrow is never promised but today can be the day you live to the fullest.

Here is more music by Cecil.

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