BODYGUERRA Album "Fire & Soul" OUT NOW

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Bringing rock with a twist of melodic, classic, and bluesy sounds that makes you want to put on repeat. The music you can't put away is what these musicians bring.


I had the honors to chat with guitarist Guido Stoecker of Bodyguerra and I was amazed at how sweet he was. His positivity is truly inspirational, his passion for the members shows how proud he is of all of them. As I got to learn more about Guido Stoecker, I realized he is so much more than a guitarist. He has this huge heart that will change the world.

The talented guitarist very sweetly asked if I could listen to a song they did and of course, I said yes. I started listening to the song and was blown away by this beautiful voice. This amazing voice started singing with perfect pitch to each instrument. All these instruments and this powerhouse voice could flow at ease with every detail. I had to know who belonged to this beautiful voice.

I learned that this voice I heard belonged to the gorgeous Ela Sturm. As I saw her perform, I was shocked at how her eyes sang to. What I mean by "her eyes singing" is she is able to showcase her heart and show you how much the words she sings truly mean to her. A true honor to hear this beautiful singer and the rest of the Bodyguerra family.

Each member of this band is truly talented, the bass guitar player and the drummer along with Guido Stoecker's instrument playing is flawless. Then they have this amazing singer Ela Sturm and you hear perfection.

I was surprised when Guido Stoecker let me listen to the full album of "Fire & Soul" before it is to come out. I listened to this whole album and to be honest I couldn't stop listening. I am telling you this album is going to blow everyone's minds. I can't wait for this album to come out for all of you to hear.

The good news is their song "Believe" can be heard and watched on YouTube. I will warn you, Bodyguerra can take classic rock, bluesy, and melodic styles and bring them together to create a one-of-a-kind sound.

I would love to introduce you to the band Bodyguerra from Germany with their song "Believe".

I am leaving you with a note: Always believe in yourself and never stand in the dark. Show the world you and your craft. When you share the best you inspire others to believe.


Bodyguerra's new album is out now, come get your copy of "Fire & Soul" here:

Bodyguerra's new single release "Steelheart" comes out September 24th, be on the lookout. Click the link below for a Bodyguerra surprise.

Congratulations to Bodyguerra who has officially signed a record deal with Fastball Music.

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